Periodontics Marbella

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a specialty of dentistry, which treats diseases of the gums and bone that supports the teeth.

What are periodontal diseases?

There are two major groups of periodontal diseases: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis are diseases that only affect the gums, that is, the soft tissues that protect and cover the teeth. On the other hand, Periodontitis already constitutes a group of more severe infections that affect not only the bone that holds the teeth, but also other tissues such as the periodontal ligament and the root cement, which are fundamental for the permanence of our teeth.

Periodontal type scheme, Marbella

All periodontitis begins with gingivitis, but not all gingivitis necessarily ends in periodontitis, hence the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.



What are the causes of periodontal disease?

The main cause of periodontal disease (Marbella periodontics) is the bacteria that live in the mouth and are deposited on the teeth and gums. When these bacteria overgrow, mainly because they are not eliminated and controlled as often as necessary, they can produce lesions in the tissues surrounding our teeth.

However, there are aggravating factors such as smoking and certain diseases such as diabetes, among others. A genetic predisposition to develop this type of disease has also been demonstrated.

Main clinical manifestations.

The most common symptom of periodontal disease (periodontics) is redness of the gums as well as spontaneous or brushing bleeding. Others may also appear such as bad smell or bad taste in the mouth, halitosis, sensitivity to cold and heat, change in the original position of the teeth, elongated teeth, pain or even mobility, discomfort when eating, etc. When bacteria accumulate under the gum, they can organize themselves and produce gingivitis. If these gingivitis are not treated, they can progress, affecting the underlying bone and already producing periodontitis, although other factors are necessary for them to develop. There are two different types of factors: local (if located inside the patient's mouth) or general (if identified in the rest of the patient's body). At a local level we can consider the presence of more pathogenic bacteria, the absence of professional treatments, the presence of badly placed teeth and misfit fillings among others. At a systemic or general level, genetic factors, stress, smoking, the intake of certain medications and the presence of other general diseases such as diabetes, immunosuppression or osteoporosis are involved.

Consequences of periodontal disease

If the periodontal disease (Marbella periodontics) is not treated it normally progresses to the progressive loss of teeth. Up to the extreme of tooth loss, a series of events occur that produce a loss of dental support tissues and that lead to a greater risk of presenting dental sensitivity and therefore problems with chewing or drinking hot and cold foods and drinks. In addition, during the progression of the disease the teeth are significantly longer and this leads to aesthetic and dental sensitivity problems among others. Edentulism can lead to masticatory, aesthetic or even psychological problems. In addition, a number of important consequences of periodontal problems for general health have been demonstrated, such as poorer control in diabetic patients, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems and in pregnant women also an increased risk of premature birth with all the consequences this entails for the newborn.

Periodontal Maintenance

For the BOCA dental clinic in Marbella, a favorable control of periodontal disease requires a program aimed at maintaining and improving the results of the initial treatment, as well as preventing the appearance of new diseases. 

Periodontal treatment in Marbella (periodontal maintenance)

It is a fundamental stage of periodontal treatment and the only way to achieve control of periodontitis (periodontics Marbella) in the long term. The basic and surgical phases are very effective in controlling bacteria and achieving periodontal health, but they tend to re-colonize the periodontal pocket from other oral reservoirs and if not acted upon properly the disease tends to reappear after a few months.

At each maintenance visit to the BOCA clinic, the dentist or hygienist:

  • He will check the clinical situation tooth by tooth.
  • You will value your oral hygiene.
  • It will remove calculus and bacteria individually according to the situation in the different areas of the mouth.

It is important to differentiate between periodontal maintenance and mouth cleaning because maintenance is an individualized medical action according to the situation of each patient at each particular time.

The maintenance frequency is defined for each particular case but usually ranges from one visit every 3 to 6 months depending on the case.

Cure for periodontal disease (Periodontics Marbella)

The treatment manages to stop the periodontal disease indefinitely with the consequent maintenance of the teeth. In practice this can be understood as healing, with the nuance that we cannot forget to make the periodic maintenance visits, according to the protocol established by our dentist or periodontist in Marbella. Otherwise, the disease is reactivated.

Sometimes this total control result is not achieved and in this case the disease (Marbella periodontics) advances although more slowly than without treatment. These cases are:

  • Very aggressive forms such as those that appear in children or very young adults
  • Smokers of more than one pack a day.
  • Patients with general illnesses such as severe diabetes or who take certain medications
For periodontal treatments in Marbella, we have specialized dentists and hygienists who regularly attend patients with periodontics in Marbella as well as the surrounding area, such as periodontics in San Pedro de Alcantara, periodontics in Nueva Andalucia de Marbella and periodontics in Las Chapas de Marbella. It is also common for us to see periodontics patients from the towns near Marbella and the eastern Costa del Sol.

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