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The All on Four implant technique is a revolutionary implant placement system that allows the complete dental arch to be placed on 4 dental implants, in a fixed manner, without bone grafting, in just one day and with a higher success rate than other procedures.

Nobel Biocare dental implants All on 4™

These 4 dental implants are strategically placed (both in the upper and lower arches), ensuring the fixation of the dental prosthesis and avoiding the overloading of the bone. With the use of this technique, bone grafts will not be necessary prior to the process, because a safe and stable anchorage method is used without the need to prepare the bone, which will only have to be grafted in some isolated cases. It has been demonstrated that the success of dental restoration does not lie in placing a greater number of dental implants, but in the quality of the implants and the bone in which they are anchored.

In order to ensure the highest quality to our patients, in the dental clinics in Marbella, Boca, we perform the technique all on 4™, exclusively, with dental implants from Nobel Biocare, world leader in the field of implantology. In addition to endorsing the all on 4™ technique, Nobel Biocare guarantees its dental implants for life.

How does the treatment with the all on four implant technique work in our clinics?


The patient comes to the consultation, a personalized study is made with the corresponding X-rays and measures are taken to initiate the treatment plan.


The patient goes to the Boca Clíncas dental clinic in Marbella for treatment. If requested, the anesthesiologist will provide sedation (conscious dental sedation), so that the patient reaches a state of deep relaxation. Otherwise, the anesthesia we use for any other type of dental treatment is applied.

If necessary, the extractions are made and the dental implants that will hold the prosthesis are placed. At the end of the surgery, the prosthetist retouches and adapts the provisional prosthesis so that it fits perfectly into the patient's mouth at the end. In the afternoon, the patient is fitted with the prosthesis, and can go home with the temporary teeth.

During this time, we carry out periodic revisions until, approximately after 3-4 months, we proceed to make the definitive prosthesis, once the osseointegration process has been completed.

Dental implants in Marbella in one day

Frequently asked questions about dental implants and dentures in a day with the All on four technique

P._ What are the benefits of treatment all on 4™?

A._ The most important thing is that with a reduced number of dental implants we can provide the patient with a fixed dental prosthesis in the same day, avoiding the need for more complex surgeries such as bone grafts or sinus lifts and reducing costs and treatment time and, above all, improving the patient's quality of life.

Q._ Once the provisional dental prosthesis is in place, can you chew normally?

A._ Initially, a soft diet is recommended for one month; after this time, the patient will be able to eat normally.

Q._ What anesthesia is used in this type of surgery?

A._ The same as we use for any other dental treatment (fillings - from 35 euros, extractions, etc).

Q._ Is sedation optional?

A._ Yes, it is the patient's or the professional's decision if he/she considers that it can improve the quality of his/her work in certain cases or patients.

Q._ Is the patient conscious during the process with sedation?

A._ Yes, he can respond to commands such as "open or close your mouth", but in the end he has no memory of the surgery or the time spent, so it is very comfortable for him.

Q._ How long does the intervention take?

A._ The surgery, with the tests of the dental prosthesis, has an approximate duration of 2 hours.

Q._ Is this technique recommended for patients who are afraid of the dentist?

A._ Without a doubt, our dentists in Marbella reduce the time of treatment of the patient. In addition, the patient will get a brand new set of teeth the same day, with the psychological effects that this entails.

Q._ What are the benefits of the all on 4™ technique, compared to a conventional implantology technique?

A._ It is done in a short time, it avoids the bone graft, it is more economic and the recovery of the patient is very fast.

Q._ Why is it that in this technique, immediate loading can be done and in the conventional implant technique, it is necessary to wait a while before loading?

A._ For the strategic placement of the implants, for their shape and for the design of the dental prosthesis.

Q._ Are there any age-related contraindications for the placement of all on 4™?

A._ No, but as always, each case is particular and depends on the surgeon's criteria.

Q._ What guidelines should be followed after surgery?

A._ Medication is taken for a week and a soft diet is advised for a month.


Oral Surgeon in Marbella

Dr. Alfonso Moreno

Oral Surgeon, Periodontist and Implantologist

Maxillofacial surgeon in Marbella

Dr. Francisco Galeas

Maxillofacial Surgeon, Medical and Aesthetic Medicine

At the dental clinics in Marbella Boca, our oral surgeon in Marbella, Doctor Alfonso Moreno and our maxillofacial surgeon in Marbella, Doctor Francisco Galeas, will be in charge of advising you and studying your case individually. It will be in the hands of great professionals.

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