1.- Membership is compulsory, so if you ask your dentist, he/she must give you his/her membership number.

There are people who pose as dentists and yet have neither the qualifications nor the training to practise. Knowing his number allows you to check that he is officially licensed and practicing.


2.- Demand that a dentist diagnose your oral pathology.

The dentist is the only person qualified to establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.


3.- Distrust excessively low prices because they can cover up a deterioration in the quality of care.

The instruments and materials used in dentistry are of advanced technology and have a high cost. Excessively low prices may mean that the right material is not being used.


4.- Demand that a dentist, and not a commercial, explains to you personally the treatment they are going to do to you from the beginning, as well as its duration and the necessary tests.

There is a risk that in some consultations you will be advised to perform new treatments each time and thus cause overtreatment and therefore unnecessary expense.


5.- Demand that a dentist personally handle the dentures in your mouth.

Although there are other professionals involved in your treatment, there are certain practices that can only be performed by the dentist in Marbella.


6.- Avoid paying for the entire treatment in advance, it requires periodic payments as the treatment progresses.

If you are offered financing, ask for the documentation in advance and check it carefully at home. Do not sign ambiguous or illegal clauses and when in doubt, ask your nearest OMIC.


7.- Demand some basic hygiene and sterilization measures, do not allow your oral health to be treated in minute conditions.

There are compulsory hygiene rules, failure to comply with which can cause serious problems for your health.


8 .- The normal is that the person responsible for your treatment is always the same dentist, if not, you can ask that it is.

In some cases, the constant change of the professional who attends you may mean that there is no fixed and coordinated team, worse attention and even professional fraud.


9.- Do not be influenced by advertising and promises of free treatments. You'll certainly end up paying for them.

On many occasions there are misleading advertising practices, so you should require an explanation of all the conditions of the treatment or service before performing it.


10.- Do not believe in treatments guaranteed for life, nor do your own teeth have that guarantee.

It is not possible to guarantee treatment forever, so it is also important to go to your dentist in Marbella for a check-up at least once a year.

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